The Sun rises, our bodies our waking up from a rest phase, and from a long period of not consuming any food or drink, also known as fasting. The 'Sunrise morning phase' of the day is when our bodies are eliminating, cleansing and freeing ourselves of digested matter, waste which weighs us down, the morning phase is a time of elevating, flying, energizing. Every living organism on the planet is affected and charged by ultra violent light and sun frequency. The foods that receive the first sunlight, charged by the sun , are the one which are highest away from the Earth, “Flying away from the Earth, which contain the most electromagnetic energy, anti-gravity properties.  These foods found in trees, i.e fruits, coconuts, and some nuts. We can absorb 100% of the nutrients in these foods when we eat them while dialed into the same frequency as they are, which happen’s in the 'Morning phase'.


During this phase our lymphatic system, the sewer systems of our bodies are eliminating all the metabolic waste that we accumulated and prepared to expel during the previous phase (Rest phase). Based on circadian rhythms, which are the body’s rhythms based on nature, this is a time to consume easy to digest energizing foods such as fruits and coconut water. NEVER a time to consume hard to digest  or slow digesting foods and/or proteins.



As the Sun rises and settles above the trees, we transition into the next phase of the day and of our body’s biological system.








When the sun sets (and the fore conceals itself) our Bodies are preparing for the final stage of the day, which is the Rest phase. During this time, we typically light a fire and can cook the roots of the earth. These foods are extremely grounding and comforting. When it is cold and dark outside, we would never search for foods in high canopies as we would in the morning when the sun is shining straight up at the foods. At night we are looking to ground and consume foods that are roots from the earth, and typically cooked, which is very comforting.  





During this phase, the Sun is strong and stable, charging all the organisms that are above land, yet not covered by canopy (trees), mostly bushes and land foods. These foods contain the highest levels of amino acid’s (protein) and are body’s can absorb the nutrients as we are in the same frequency as the foods.


**Exception: When the body is extremely ill and one must transition to a (CLEANSE REST PROGRAM). The body must be broken down and cleanses during the entire day. The three most cleanses foods on the planet are berry’s grapes and melons. When in these severe scenarios, we must cleanse and move stagnant lymphatic matter by consuming these foods in the afternoon instead of the building foods which are for maintenance and growth.


This program is based on the patterns and rhythms of the planet, our bodies natural biology and the frequency of all living organisms on the planet. Juice Lab does not subscribe to the trendy fad  cleanse mentality, we like to focus on the positive, but we do recognize that most juice business are creating short term detox and cleanse kits based on instant gratification results and improper food combinations, with mis timed ingredient combinations. Our philosophy is very simple as it very similar to the way humans have been living since the beginning of time. The Sun is our source of life, and we follow the sun, tune in to the sun, and absorb nutrition and happiness from the sun.